All our Jewellery items are stamped by a governmental stamp for gold that specifies if it’s 18k, 21k or 24k which proofs for the customer that it’s real gold.

 All items that we ship are Insured hence please be rest assured that it’s our responsibility to ensure that you receive the ordered product.

We ship to any area inside Egypt however in order to be doubly sure about service to your area, please give us a call on +201122230761.

We follow the policy of refunding 75% back if the item returned within 3 working days if the item is safe and not damaged or scratched with the original pack that you received it, and we refund 50% back if the item returned after 3 working days.

If the item is damaged or scratched the returning policy considered as not applicable.

 Of course, Yes. Finding your ring size is extremely easy. Incase you face any issue with size, please feel free to call our Customer Care on +201122230761 and they will assist you.

 If you decided to invest so Goldhives.com is the best choice for you to buy and save your money value for you if you wants to sell your gold piece but don’t forget to bring the receipt. We offer a very transparent Buy-back and Exchange policy. Please call our Customer Care on +201122230761.

Of course, Yes. Incase you have designed a jewellery or have liked something, please share it with us and we will provide you a very competitive No Obligation, Fair Value Estimate for your design along with a comprehensive break-up of cost.

Our delivery charges are changeable according to the number of items and delivery area.. the delivery fees for your ordered items will be included in the total price before moving to check out.

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